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Meet Our Children

  • Joe, Adam and Eva

    Joe, Adam and Eva Meet Joe, Adam and Eva

    Joe is a gorgeous, lovely and adorable 3 year old with a quirky sense of humour. Adam is 2 years old and quite the little character, a real cheeky monkey with something of a dramatic side. Eva (9 months) is really thriving. She is showing a real awareness of her surroundings and is fascinated by everything that is going on around her.

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  • Archie


    Archie is a bright and imaginative boy who just loves to play. He’s creative and can make toys out of most things but his favourites are his cars and toy garage, trains, and of course his fire engine. Archie has excellent concentration and loves completing jigsaws, including some of the more complex ones. In quiet times Archie enjoys art and craft activities like painting and drawing. He also loves to be read to and joins in, making up his own stories to the pictures. Archie loves outdoor play too, such as running, climbing and playing football.

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  • Daisy


    is a delightful 1 year old who faces uncertainty in her future. Daisy is described by her carers as an adorable little girl, who is pleasant, content and thriving: “such a good girl, always smiling”. 

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  • Thomas


    Thomas is an energetic cheeky chappy with an endearing personality who loves green tractors and playing on his scooter. He is a big Toy Story fan and enjoys playing with his woody and Buzz Lightyear figures.

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  • Meet Lilly and Lewis

    Meet Lilly and Lewis

    Lilly is a bubbly and affectionate little girl who likes to be creative; drawing, painting and making crafts. Lewis is a cheeky little chap and loves to be on the go. He really enjoys playing with his ball, cars, blocks and trains. He likes building train tracks and loves it when Lilly joins in.

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  • Matthew and Sean

    Matthew and Sean

    These lovely little boys share a close relationship and will actively seek each other out. We are looking for an adoptive placement where Matthew and Sean can be placed together. Their carers say ”The whole family have fallen in love with Sean and Matthew. They are adorable and will be a lovely addition to a family.

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  • What our children say

    To be adopted literally means the world to our children, but don't take our word for it, take a moment to read their comments.

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